As an amateur to test by myself new food, cosmetic and other natural and useful products, in the Favorites of the month I share what I liked most and tried personally, I can advise readers.

   Circles under the eyes
   Parses the other day with one woman cause her permanent dark circles under the eyes. Like smoking and long toss, and getting enough sleep, and exercise does, and sees in the mirror every morning panda. This question concerns today almost everyone, and especially the residents of big cities. Frankly, I was also a concern (with childhood thin skin around the eyes, and cyanosis), and with the advent of the children well, sooooo concerns.
   The reasons can be many as the explicit or implicit, and often several in one. Because the image and crazy rhythm of life, and the first facial skin is showing signs of discontent with this madness, and skin of the eyelids many times thinner, in this even more.

   My Top 10 Most Loved Oils 
   Since I discovered oils for skin care for face and body, they drove out almost all of my cosmetics and creams, except, perhaps, sunscreen in the summer.
   Being once the owner of combined skin with a tendency to fat content in the T-zone, I was sure that the oils do not suit me, since they are fatty, poorly absorbed, clog pores, leave shine and make my skin even greasy. In fact, everything turned out to be just the opposite. Most oils are quickly absorbed (unless they are applied with tablespoons, of course), regulate