My Top 10 Most Loved Oils 
   Since I discovered oils for skin care for face and body, they drove out almost all of my cosmetics and creams, except, perhaps, sunscreen in the summer.
   Being once the owner of combined skin with a tendency to fat content in the T-zone, I was sure that the oils do not suit me, since they are fatty, poorly absorbed, clog pores, leave shine and make my skin even greasy. In fact, everything turned out to be just the opposite. Most oils are quickly absorbed (unless they are applied with tablespoons, of course), regulate
the production of sebum, while cosmetics for combination and oily skin often contain drying components that disrupt the natural balance of the skin, drain its protective mechanisms , Thereby provoking to produce even more sebum. And finally - oil is the most natural product!
   Here is a list of those oils that I buy right away, as soon as they end.

   1. Coconut oil
   Coconut oil is my favorite of all oils! I already wrote about it a whole separate post. It is so multifunctional that it replaces almost half of the contents from all kinds of jars of the bathroom. Flushes cosmetics, even waterproof mascara, is a beautiful hair mask, body cream, deodorant and toothpaste composition that I make myself. It can completely replace you face cream and under the eyes, and for owner of a swarthy skin, even sunscreen, because it contains an SPF filter. Very light, quickly absorbed and completely fat, effortlessly washed off the hair. Leaves after applying no obsessive aroma of coconut.
   Buy only organic raw cold pressed oil that is suitable for ingestion. It should smell nice with coconut.

   2. Argan oil
   Quickly absorbed, leaving no sense of stickiness and gloss oil has a fairly wide range of cosmetic effects. So, it softens, nourishes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin, protects it from peeling and drying. Oil also restores the lipid balance of the skin, strengthens its barrier functions.
   Argan oil can increase the elasticity of the skin, smooths the relief, helping to smooth wrinkles and stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. This product accelerates the regeneration process, protects the skin from irritation. Possessing anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands and well helps in the treatment of acne.
   Also this valuable oil is suitable for gentle care for sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes, decollete area and bust. It should be noted that argan oil is also known as an effective tool for the care of brittle, damaged and split hair.
   I use argan oil for the face instead of a day and night cream with a few drops of essential oils according to the mood or needs of the skin, as well as instead of hand cream. It is light enough and at the same time it nourishes the skin well. In winter time for the skin of hands, I only saved them, because all creams, even the most fatty, does not help, and coconut is not sufficiently saturated. The only, perhaps, hand cream, which I can mention, is Weleda Skin food.
   3. Rosehip oil
   Rose hip oil with vitamin E is also one of my favorites and it always is in my bathroom. This oil is a bit fatter and I use it instead of a night cream in cold weather, when the skin is not enough nutrition and it is peeling off.
   Thanks to the vitamins, microelements and fatty acids contained in the rosehip oil, it has a regenerating and rejuvenating effect on the skin, increases its elasticity, eliminates irritation, normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands. With regular use of oil increases the protective properties of the epidermis, prevents the accumulation of enzymes and degradation products in it, improves intracellular metabolism. It is suitable for withering dry skin and is a good anti-aging agent that helps in the fight against fine wrinkles and pigmented spots. It also removes traces of fatigue, tones up the blood vessels and gives the skin a smooth and healthy color. It is ideal for skin care in the eyes and lips.

   4. Weleda Birken Cellulite Oil
   This oil I bought under the influence of beauty experts with a natural bias and really did not regret. Unlike all kinds of cellulite creams, the oil has a completely natural composition and although I do not believe in anti-cellulite treatment, in my opinion, this is a more profound question, I use it periodically for prevention with massage mittens anyway. It has a pleasant citrus aroma and I think it will be a good alternative to your anti-cellulite products with a dubious composition. The oil is slightly greasy, after application, it takes some time until it is completely absorbed.
   Just keep in mind that any anti-cellulite cosmetics are used together with the massage. To apply a cream or butter or oil simply so after a shower has, unless, moisturizing effect.

   5. Weleda smoothing concentrate with rose oil
   This oily concentrate is designed to quickly return the skin to natural radiance and smooth fine wrinkles. Made for tired fading skin. In the package, 7 ampoules of 0.8 ml, which greatly facilitate the cosmetic bag on trips, especially short-term. Very delicate and refined aroma of rose.

   6. CAUDALIE Overnight Detox Oil
   Oil for night use, is designed to remove toxins from the skin. It is quite dry, quickly absorbed, does not leave a shine. It is more suitable for oily skin or in periods when it is not over-dried. Has a slightly herbal smell.
   7. Tea Tree Essential Oil
   Tea tree oil is well known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is part of most cosmetic products aimed at treating acne, prische, as well as to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands.
   I prefer to simply apply oil pointwise, or add a couple of drops to one of my base oils and distribute it to the whole face if necessary. I'm buying the organic by company Aura Cacia.

   8. Essential oil of cinnamon leaves
   Cinnamon leaf oil is slightly, I would say, specific - it has a strong odor and a strong warming effect, so it is applied only in diluted form with base oils. But if it suits you, it has a lot of advantages: very well stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin, stimulates cellular regeneration, detrimental to viruses and bacteria. Can be used as an additive to the anti-cellulite oil. After application, even in diluted form, the skin noticeably reddens and, as if burns, but this effect takes place in a few minutes.

   9. Lavender essential oil
   Lavender oil is one of the most actively used in the cosmetic industry of essential oils. It refreshes, regenerates, promotes deep renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. After application, redness, swelling, flaking, irritation, inflammation are instantly removed, and itching is muffled.
   Lavender is ideal for special care for damaged or supersensitive skin, it has amazing toning properties for tired and flabby skin. Removing not only the inflammatory rash, but also preventing the growth of bacteria, lavender oil is ideal for treating acne.
   Before going to bed I sometimes add a couple of drops to the humidifier.

   10. Lemon essential oil by doTerra
   The oils of doTerra are probably the best essential oils and, as far as I know, they its the only essential oils for take inside. I often use essential oils in cooking raw chocolate and other alternatives to doTerra are not yet known to me.
   Lemon oil well brightens the skin and complexion as a whole, has a regenerating effect, eliminates black spots. It is also an excellent anti-aging agent for facial skin. It exfoliates the old, keratinized cells of the epidermis, increases blood circulation in the capillary grid, revitalizes the face and gives the skin a fresh, healthy appearance. With its help clarify freckles and age spots. To me, lemon oil helps to cheer up in the morning with the addition of a few drops of argan and distribution on the face. Can tingle a little.
   And of course i can not avoid to mention that black raw chocolate with a delicate aroma of lemon is simply divine!

   Dr. Hauschka Clarifying day oil
   This oil did not get on the photo because I do not have it at the moment, but I could not ignore it, since the list of my favorites would not be complete. I especially love the cosmetics of Dr.Hauschka and I will definitely make a review of it in the future.
   Separately, I want to say - when buying base and essential oils, pay attention to several important criteria:
 - All oils should be in a dark glass. Forget the plastic!
 - It is desirable, that on a bottle there was an icon of the certified organic, it is pledge of high quality
 - Pay attention to the price and the country of the manufacturer. In the twentieth century, the chemical industry has learned to artificially synthesize almost any smell. Suspiciously low price should alert you. Do not buy anything Chinese. Read the summary.
   On the flacon next to the name of the oil, the botanical name of the plant from which the oil is obtained is indicated in italics in italics. This means that the raw materials for the production of oil were fruits and herbs and not artificial low-grade additives.
   I buy my oils on the website, in organic stores or doTERRA representatives.

  RMS Beauty

   RMS beauty brand was created by a professional makeup artist with 35 years of experience and Rose-Marie Swift after she collided with health problems due to the use and testing of a large number of chemical cosmetics. All means all-natural, organic, contain no ingredients with obscure and unknown names. It consists mainly of oils, plant extracts and natural minerals and pigments. I'm not a fan of makeup, especially rarely use the shadows, but the brand I liked so much that I bought almost all of the products presented on the site that fit my color scheme.

   The biggest favorite of mine and mast-have is their Best Celler, concealer «un» cover-up. Due to the constant lack of sleep with children under-eye area is my weakest point. It is in general, is genetically my weak point. Since childhood, bruises under my eyes. I tried all concealers that are on this planet. Concealers general weakness of mine (probably due to the above-described problems) and, even if I go somewhere without makeup, concealer under eye circles is necessary. I can say that «un» cover-up by far the best concealer that I met. Well, I will not dissemble, probably still after YSL. But we are for naturalness, right? My skin is light and I have it in color 11. Easy to apply and spread the fingers straight. Good mask. The hottest time of maybe a little shiny due to coconut oil in the composition and requires powder. It can be applied as a foundation to the entire face or problem areas. Despite the very small jar is consumed sparingly. I only use under the eyes.

   My second most favorite means of marking highlighter living luminazer. It is also their best-Celler. The correct application merges with the skin and gives it the appearance of a healthy natural glow. It is also very economical.

   Shadows in the colors karma suited for smoky eyes or distributed as eyeliner when applied with a thin brush, brown and golden seduce and lunar flesh-colored pearls. All shadows creamy texture, can be applied directly with your fingers. Although, for this purpose the site has a special brush. It holds good, but very pearl. At the amateur.

   From lip2cheek series I have three colors: red berry-beloved, pastel pink demure and dirty pink bloom. Means suitable for lips and a blush. It is easily applied and distributed on the skin. It looks very natural and fresh.
   Colourless powder «un» powder is very light and transparent, based on silk created for excessive matting gloss. No flaws, of course, does not mask.
   Beauty oil on the basis of jojoba and rosehip oils (extracts and some rare herbs) as an elixir skin radiance and saturation of its antioxidants. Oil is easily absorbed and is suitable even for daily use. I use sometimes at night. It has a specific smell of rosehip oil. Of glass bottle of 30 ml with a pipette.
   Lip & skin balm vanila viscous oil cream with vanilla aroma. Designed to dry areas of the face, lips, to soften cuticles. I sometimes inflicted at night under the eyes. An indispensable thing in the winter.

   I had also mascara from thus brand, but it has long since ended. I'll buy more, fecause it as I love, - covers the lashes with a thin layer that creates a natural effect. Even after long use absolutely not going to lumps. For thouse who love make up eyelashes thicker probably will not work. In general I can say that RMS beauty very good organic cosmetics. It is used by many supermodels and actresses. Not cheap, but definitely worth the money. Very stylish with glass jar with metal lid, the contents of which, in spite of the volume in the middle 5g, very economical spent. I recommend to everyone. Especially owners of dry skin or women in the age that dry makeup only emphasizes the wrinkles and peeling.

   100% pure

   I urgently needed this cosmetics after a well-known blogger in full extolled it on her channel. The great power of suggestion and curiosity! Of course i ordered.
 American brand. In general, Americans have a lot of organic cosmetics,- good and not so and one, that if we dig a little deeper are not organic at all. 100 % pure from the category of "not so" (at least for me), and maybe "if you dig" because of organic labeling and does not confirm the certificate from the manufacturer. It is coast as a luxury, but the quality of the product to the suite does not hold.
   I have long searched for BB cream with moisturizing effect it that well evens the complexion without blocking much of your own, to be applied evenly and have SPF and natural composition. In the description of this cream meets all of the above. In fact lies some yellow stains (then the truth a bit adapted to the skin and leveled), and if you overdo, rolls. Emphasises all peeling and skin irregularities. And though I have bought the most light tone Creme, it is still darker than my skin. Packing glass with a convenient economical dosing. For how long it last i don't know, use only a few times.

   Powder is probably the best of what I have tried. I had before darker tone White Peach and I gave it to my friend, but then i bought same light Creme. Good organic powder without talcum powder in the composition is also not easy to find. This I liked. It lies very thin. It has SPF 20 in my opinion. Tin packaging. Good composition.

   Blush should be applied with your fingers. They have a dense creamy texture is closer to dry, even, I would say. Compact small glass jar fits easily even in the smallest purse, but in fact is not very convenient blush of your finger to type - a very small hole. Lasting not long.
   I do not make conclusions about cosmetics based on only one product, in that if something I liked it (as in the case of powder) course buy something else, to lay down an objective opinion. With 100% Pure delight all powder and over. There were also concealer that can be applied both at the same eye on problem areas. Well, so ... Maybe not bad, but the second time will not buy. The same can be said about the facial wash Brightening Facial Cleanser. Not a bad foam, light, soft, not dry the skin. Heavy makeup washes off immediately, the second approach is required.
   Just Brightening Tonic was very intrusive citrus smell and a day cream with SPF which ii am even lazy to write about, because covered with a dense white face mask, but from soltse and pigmentation is not protected. Several times it has used and even give to someone ashamed - threw.
   So, the conclusion is one,- will never buy this brand again.