Circles under the eyes
   Parses the other day with one woman cause her permanent dark circles under the eyes. Like smoking and long toss, and getting enough sleep, and exercise does, and sees in the mirror every morning panda. This question concerns today almost everyone, and especially the residents of big cities. Frankly, I was also a concern (with childhood thin skin around the eyes, and cyanosis), and with the advent of the children well, sooooo concerns.
   The reasons can be many as the explicit or implicit, and often several in one. Because the image and crazy rhythm of life, and the first facial skin is showing signs of discontent with this madness, and skin of the eyelids many times thinner, in this even more.
   1. The most common and banal reason is the lack of sleep. If you are a young mother than to stock up on good concealer and patience, I can not advise anything. I do notknow your schedule and the number of assistants. If you lack of sleep is another reason, here it is necessary to review ... Well, why talk? Today, everyone knows that a good sleep pledge of beauty and health. And it is very important not only to the duration of sleep, but also its quality. If you constantly go after midnight and get up at 10 am under eye circles you will still be provided. The best time to 22:00 am and 6-7. our nervous system is not restored after 2 nights.
   2. Stress. Here, too, everything is clear. Stress blocks the flow of oxygen to the cells and tissues. The result is obvious. And in the eyes. From time to time the skin is somehow cope, but if chronic stress circles under the eyes is also not passing.
   3. Lack of oxygen and fresh air. Sedentary lifestyle. Especially important for residents of cities working in the office and get to work by car. And if the house after work is still "crush" watching TV or sitting at the computer before going to bed ...
   4. The long time staing at the computer screen. Same way.
   5. Excessive intake of coffee. It is also known to everyone. For a healthy adult not having problems with the kidneys, adrenal glands, pressure and heart daily "dose" of a cup of coffee in the morning.
   6. Insufficient water intake. It probably not everybody know. If all of the above applies to you, and circles under the eyes are not, be sure the amount of fluid consumed by you.
   7. Too much salt in the diet. It is also maybe not everybody know. Yes, a lot of salt creates a fluid stagnation and stagnation where there poor circulation, metabolism and, as a consequence of swelling and bruising.
   8. Too much animal protein in the diet. And this is for sure noone connect to circles under the eyes. Copious amounts of animal protein- is a great stress for digestion, internal organs and kidney. And if they work on a full day and evening (and someone and at night), this leads to slagging, intoxication, liver and kidneys do not cope with its function of outputting. Serving animal products at everyone, but if you eat bacon and eggs in the morning, chicken sandwich or soup broth for lunch and steak for dinner - that's for sure too much. But seriously, the man once a day is sufficient portion of animal protein around the palm. And if at all seriously, then 2-3 times a week is enough.
   9. You are too often being heated or cooked their food in the microwave oven. That no one knows. Yes, this is also a big influence. On the "benefits" microwave today have all heard, but no one connects it with bad skin and circles under the eyes. In general, bring your food to the office in the cold box, and warm up the house for a couple or in the oven.
   I did not mention smoking or alcohol, because it's obvious. And yes, not much hope for all sorts of creams and gels - it's about nothing. I think it's also understandable, because if they were effective this post would not be necessary.
   All issues are addressed from within. 

   5 Useful morning habits 
   The change of seasons is always a bit stressful for the body. In addition to the climate it has also psychological discomfort: a change of clothes, the weather, the duration of the day, new goals and objectives, or summing-up - all this definitely affects our well-being and mood.
   To alleviate these symptoms, I advise you to instill in 5 morning habits that will help cope with the autumn blues, and laziness, and in the spring will relieve you from the effects of hibernation and give the body new energy and vigor. They do not take much time, but it certainly will make you better as a whole. Maybe something you are practice already, and all together will give even better results.
   1. Immediately upon awakening necessarily clear the tongue scraper. It is very important. At night, while we sleep our bodies are cleansed from toxins and in the morning raid in the tongue they (toxins) are. Furthermore, this procedure is well freshens breath.
   2. Rinse your mouth with oil. This is called oil pulling. It takes, of course a little more time, but believe me, worth it. Take 1-2 tablespoons any pure refined oil (the most pleasant coconut) and rinse teeth mouth 5-20 minutes, depending on how much time you have in the morning . It is desirable, of course a little longer, but 5 minutes is better than nothing. In no case do not swallow the oil. We spit in the toilet or trash. Then be sure to brush your teeth. Oil pulling helps the body to completely get rid of "night cleaning", protects against inflammation in the body, refreshes the breath heals the gums, strengthens tooth enamel and whitens teeth. Yes Yes! Especially good In this sesame oil.
   3. A glass of room temperature water with lemon a great wake up the digestive system. Better two glasses. I think for no one is no longer news that the morning should start with water. It helps to restore moisture balance and make up for the lost night liquid alkalizes body, tones and invigorates better than coffee. I have nothing against a good coffee, but not on an empty stomach. And do not drink the water without first making the claim 1 and 2, otherwise all your toxins and bacteria will go back into the digestive tract.
   4. Morning yoga or simply stretching will help you finally wake up. I do not mean complicated asanas long. Enough for 10-15 minutes to warm up the body, fill it with movement and energy, relieve swelling and stagnation in the body after a night out. Especially good "birch".
   5. At the end of the morning ritual of body massage, dry brush with natural bristles. Suffice it to 3-5 minutes of gentle rubbing of the foot up toward the heart. This massage promotes lymphatic drainage, exfoliates dead cells from the skin leaving it smooth, opens the pores and helps the body get rid of toxins. The skin is known to be our biggest detox organ. Help her cope with this task. And as a bonus, with a daily massage disappear cellulite. By the way, I use this brushing for the face also.
   That's all. Finally, you can take a contrast shower and smear the body butter (can be in the same coconut). And then breakfast.
    I promise that in the everyday performance of these simple procedures (desirable to have fallen into the habit), you will very quickly see the first results: clear skin, visibly brighten the teeth (of course, they will not be like after a dental whitening), will add power and flexibility. Try it!

   10 reasons to love coconut oil

   At the mention of coconut oil in front of me immediately emerges advertising bounty. Ocean, white sand, sun, palm trees ... A relationship with him, to be honest, is not formed immediately. Firstly, because at first I didn't try different quality and the sharp taste and smell of coconut oil is not felt. Secondly, yes, a little oil and a specific unaccustomed need to add it to the diet gradually. But add i highly recommend.
   1. Coconut oil is one of the few oils on the planet (only Ghee has the same property) is not oxidized at high temperatures and does not change its molecular structure, in contrast to the plant on which we are all used to cook, and it means not a carcinogen. It does not clog the artery. So, pancakes and cereal safely cook with coconut oil.
   2. Coconut oil provides an instant burst of energy without raising blood sugar levels. Craving for coffee or candy to cheer up? Eat a spoonful of coconut oil. Or add a spoon in to your smoothie.
   3. Coconut oil contains fatty middle chain acids (probably it tells you nothing, but just in case), and it means completely absorbed and consumed the body's cells and never delayed.
   4. Coconut oil normalizes the endocrine system and supports the thyroid gland. It's your hormones, women. A hormone is the youth of the skin and the organism as a whole. This is our all. You think for the beautiful and smooth skin creams are responsible? No. The skin condition depends on the hormonal system.
   5. Coconut oil is beneficial to the heart because it lowers the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good.
   6. Fats coconut oil composed of 50% of lauric acid. Another source of it breast milk. More lauric acid found nowhere, but it has a very potent immunomodulatory effect (it is this immunity for babies is so important to the mother's milk) and protects cells from free radicals.
   7. Lauric acid is processed into monalaurin organism which has antifungal and antibacterial properties. This is a great alternative to modern medicines for fungal and bacterial infections.
   8. Coconut oil has a slight natural SPF factor tan and helps better to go to bed. But this is only for brownskin people or for a short sojourn in the sun.
   9. Coconut oil can be easily wash off makeup. Perfectly removes and dissolves even the most stubborn mascara, tonal foundation and so on.
   10. Coconut oil - the best hair mask in the world! Apply before washing for half an hour (you can even overnight) and then wash well with shampoo. Silky and soft hair you provided. Well, have I convinced you?
   P. S. Not all coconut oil is equally beneficial. Buy only the raw, unrefined, marked with raw and organic. Especially, pay attention when add it to the food.