As an amateur to test by myself new food, cosmetic and other natural and useful products, in the Favorites of the month I share what I liked most and tried personally, I can advise readers.

   December 2017

   1. In December, the mood is already pre-holiday, and to enhance the effect - a pine wreath with cones. And the New Year's fragrance in the house is provided!

   2. Well, of course, what a festive mood without a mandarin ?! Their taste and aroma are paired with the smell of fresh pine with their unique childhood memories. In addition, a big plus in the treasury of immunity and replenishment of vitamin C.

   3. A teaspoon of bee pollen in the morning - a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This is much better than any synthetic drugs for the prevention of colds.

   4. In winter, you often want something sweet and warm. Cinnamon perfectly copes with the satisfaction of these desires: a pinch of powder in coffee suppresses cravings for sweet and, according to Ayurveda, has a warming effect for the body. Only her fragrance is able to cheer up. 

   November 2017 

   1. Mixture of vegetable eco-chips for lovers of quickly snack with something useful. In the beetroot, carrots, pumpkin. I always have a few packages in the car. They will not replace a full dinner, of course, but for a while they suppress the feeling of hunger if there is no possibility to eat fully. Suitable for raw foodest. You can find in shopping centers, in places where freshly squeezed juice is made.

   2. Herbal tea with a romantic name "Gold Evening" is certified organic standard. In the composition: sweetheart fragrant, lemon balm, mint, primrose, chamomile, cornflower, mallow, rose. It has a soothing and relaxing effect for an autumn long evening. Sold in Goodwine.

   3. I heard about the beneficial properties of the salt lamp for a long time, but this autumn I decided to buy it. It is a natural air ionizer, prevents viral diseases (very important in the period of colds) and allergies, strengthens immunity and, the producers assure, even relieves depression. Has a very soft and cozy light, the brightness of which can be adjusted. And simply, an excellent interior decoration. I advise the lamp to everyone!

   4. Indian spice cardamon this month I particularly fell in love. I drink coffee or add it to tea. Cardamon has a stimulating effect on the digestive system, relieves bloating. It also has antiseptic and warming effect and is very useful for colds, and its aroma is able to increase mood and general tone. In winter is irreplaceable!

   October 2017

   1. The book "Dog Shue" has been a bestseller for several years, but I read it just now. Written on real events by the founder of NIKE, Phil Knight, in which he describes the origin of the brand, its philosophy, mission and all the difficulties that it faced during the process. The book is very motivating and inspiring and, I think, is especially valuable for startupers.

   2. I have not used toothpaste for several years, and instead of it either ordinary white clay or tooth powders. Specifically, this, Dentogin, ayverdic whitening dental powder in tablets from the Ukrainian producer Triuga herbal. Exceptionally natural ingredients. In the composition of many different herbs, essential oils, clay, calcium. Very convenient, especially when traveling.
   In the version that tooth powders are abrasive and somehow spoil the enamel, I do not believe in my own practice, I can say: this is not true.

   3. Japanese washcloth for face washing. Perfectly foams even a very small amount of gel or soap in a thick foam, which is easy to distribute in the face. Foam, in contrast to the direct application of a detergent, has a lighter molecular structure, more easily penetrates into the pores and, as a consequence, cleans them better. I think it's not a problem to make it out of the usual shower sponge, if there's no opportunity to buy it.
   In uteube even video on this subject is.
   I recommend.

   4. For lovers of aromatherapy wax cubes handmade with the scent of magnolia Scented Cubes. There are different flavors, easily melted in the aroma lamp and lasting for long enough. A big plus is that it do not contain paraffin, only palm wax and natural compositions.

   5. Organic cream for the skin around the eyes and lips from Be Yummy. This is not a cream at all, but a solid oil consisting of only 3 raw ingredients: olive oil, beeswax and some balm fir. Very pleasantly smells. I use it for the night. It can be used simply as a hygienic lip balm in winter.

   September 2017 

 1. Most of the information on setting goals, personal effectiveness is given by men and, sometimes, it seems, for men. But we are differently arranged and a rigid male approach in the mode of the reacher does not always fit the fine spiritual organization of a woman. It often happens that the goal is achieved, but the result is not encouraging. In her book, Daniella Laporte "Live with feeling" invites you to master a new mechanism for achieving goals - through feelings. First, understand what you want to feel, and then, based on your feelings, plan the day, month and year based on your true values and aspirations. The book consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.

   2. This ball has struck me many times, but I have never been particularly interested in its purpose. And so, accidentally wandering somehow into the orthopedic store succumbed to the professional advertising of the seller and bought. About what, by the way, absolutely did not regret. In general, it is designed to massage all parts of the body, restore sensitivity after trauma and surgery, improve blood circulation and, even for cosmetic purposes, to prevent the second chin, for example. I especially like it for instant energy and awakening in the morning, if it's good to roll a ball between the hands, which, as is known, have a large number of nerve endings and active points. I advise even to keep it under the pillow and use it for a cheerful morning right after you put out your alarm clock.

   3. Collagen is the most important building material in the human body. It is present everywhere: in ligaments, bones, skin, hair, nails and is responsible for their elasticity and youth. Collagen is produced by our body all life, but with age this production is greatly reduced, hence the flabby skin, joint pain, weak hair and bones. Marine collagen from the brand California Gold Nutrition is my favorite not only in September, I have been taking it for more than 3 months, but the results began to appear only now. Collagen needs to be taken for a long time (depending on your task and age), especially if it is for the purpose of improving the skin, since the body first patches up all internal problems, and until the skin it comes last. Packages of 205 g are enough for a month and inside there is a measuring spoon that measures 5000 mg, this is the working dosage of collagen. The composition also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for better assimilation.

   4. I take BioSil in addition to collagen. It was created to solve the same problems and, in general, it can be used separately. Reviews are also very good. In the composition of only silicon (silica) and choline. A bubble of 30 ml is enough for about 2.5 months. Produced in the same way in the form of capsules.

   5. Ayurvedic Detox tea from the company Yogi Tea does not contain caffeine, but only a special composition of toxin-removing herbs and spices. Organic, which is important, especially for tea bags. Improves digestion and metabolism. A taste for an amateur, but if you like a mixture of spices and brightly expressed sweetish notes of liquorice - you will definitely like the tea.