We care about the composition of the dish and the quality of the ingredients, but we often overlook the nuance of what quality of material we are eating from. It's about the dishes.

   Today, the choice of dishes from various materials is simply huge. In the store you can find everything, from glass forms for baking meat in the oven and classical ceramics, to innovative grilling pans with a non-stick coating. But few people think about the fact that some types of dishes are dangerous to health.

   Accurate calorie counting in the daily diet is a painful topic for any person who wants to lose weight fast. Many of us believe in the principle of simple mathematics: I ate less, consumed more, and the difference was taken from the body fat. Is there any sense in such calculations?

   The beginning of winter, friends. And with it the onset of colds, infections, ODS, sore throats, temperatures ... And, often, to get back on track and return to a full life, we resort to "heavy artillery." Based on our own considerations and knowledge in medicine and pharmacology, we decide that it will be better for us. But with what consequences?

   With the onset of the cold season, you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, make a big tea kettle and all the things that are attached to it: biscuits, cake, pies, rolls, sweets. It is proved that in the autumn-winter period, people consumes sweets much more, but many of us do it regardless of the season. Because most of us can not even guess about our dependence on sugar.

   Outside the window the beginning of summer, which means the beginning of holidays, vacations, sea, beach and relax. We are looking forward to this time of year and we love it for its carefree attitude (personally, I have nostalgic memories of childhood and summer holidays), for the slight laziness and the opportunity to show off a beautiful tan and well-rested appearance.

   However, the sun in our time is often associated with skin cancer, ageing, pigmentation etc. Doctors and beauticians in one voice

   Summer is a beautiful time for changes. It is summer and early autumn (not the beginning of the year) - the best time to start a new life. Life without excess weight and dull skin. Life, in which energy is swinging and the exterior shines with health. In the summer nature gives us the possibility of gastronomic experiments from accessible and useful products. From seasonal berries,

   The topic of children's health for most parents is more important than the topic of health of their own. That, in general, it is logical. But, unfortunately, often the importance of this issue is only theoretically and somehow abstract ... Well, yes, everyone wants the child to be healthy, mobile, energetic, well studied at school (which implies good concentration and memory work) - but not everyone

   Water is the source of all life on the planet. The human body consists of water by 85-60%, depending on the age. Water is the most important supplier of nutrients and oxygen to cells and the most important helper in the removal of toxins. Everyone,sort of like, know that we need to drink 2-2.5 liters of water a day, but not all of this rule is followed, and there are even a people who do not drink water at all - they are

   The end of winter and beginning of spring is considered the most deficient in vitamin plan period. Many complain of fatigue, lack of energy, problems with appearance, an increased craving for coffee and unhealthy products linked with the absence of vegetables, fruits, and the inability to diversify the diet. It's all true in part, but the reason is not only the lack in the diet vegetables, but lack of sunlight and fresh air ( in

   This issue is of concern to everyone, without exception. It starts long before the holidays: beautifully decorated shop windows inviting, themed souvenirs and all sorts of delicious cakes with glaze ... Then corporative parties, actually New Year, Christmas (someone have two), Old New Year (this is also two) guests, companies, unending feasts ... Even the most fanatical Weight Watchers and persistent advocates

   It so happens that winter has just begun, and the forces and energy no more. Waking up in the morning difficult ( without coffee at all), constant irritability, drawn to sweet, apathy and sadness. And new year's vanity is not make you happy... If that's you, maybe your adrenal glands need to rest.

   Adrenal glands - on the top of the kidney the size of a walnut. They are important endocrine glands, which produce and distribute 50

   Unfortunately sometimes we get sick. Especially when cold weather is coming. Someone uses this trouble for the benefit of themselves and gives the body enough to be lazy, relax even possible to dream and to build new plans, read or watch movies for which was always lacked time. There also those who can not jus to lie in bed and do nothing. They try every possible way to be back in the line, otherwise it seems like

   Each of us at some point in our lives faced with taking vitamins, and some maybe even during all of their life takes. Around these little multicolored pills all the time there is debate experts of different fields and research scientists. Most familiar are confident that vitamin supplements help to prevent a variety of diseases, improve the appearance, health and even prolong life. Opposing studies convinced that

   The most important mineral, which we hear from all sides - is probably calcium. Calcium, calcium, calcium ... If you break a limb - you will register calcium. If you have weak bones or teeth - you will register calcium. If you are 50 and above - you, too, will likely get a recommendation from your doctor for calcium reception for the prevention of osteoporosis, or something else.
 It is believed that calcium is easily washed out of the body that it why is never enough. Especially lovers of coffee and green tea. In reality, the situation is somewhat different.

   If you don't like chocolate - tell me which planet you are from? For me, people who are indifferent to sweets, and in particular for chocolate, has always been aliens. Frankly, I quietly envied them. And I imagine that i also bought, for example, a box of candy and eat it for a month by piece with morning coffee. Or someone come to visit me and I have in the bins to choose from: candy, chocolate, cookies, marshmallows ... And everything was stored on the shelves and waited my guests. With these views, I bought a box every night, drinking coffee in the morning

   I know this topic has probably tired everyone. Today, perhaps only the lazy (or very healthy), at least from afar are not asked what kind of fruit is a gluten and what it should be eaten with and all nutritionist and wellness coach are trying to convince their followers to never touch those poison.

   Someone very trust the theory about the poison and run to be tested for celiac disease and try to eliminate all gluten from their diet forever, others are puzzled. Why all of a sudden? New fashion? Diet? But how is without bread ?! A brown bread is useful! Our ancestors ate bread to whole life and nothing wrong!

   Do you like coffee? Yes, me too. I do not depend on it, but just really like, probably as a good drink taster like alcohol. In this, my program maximum - a cup in the morning. If there are no coffee - I live in peace.

   Did you know that coffee is the best selling product on the planet? Multibillion-dollar business that exceeds even alcohol and tobacco. More than 400 billion cups sail in the year. Did you know that coffee the most chemical product on the planet? 113 kg of chemical fertilizers