Do you like coffee? Yes, me too. I do not depend on it, but just really like, probably as a good drink taster like alcohol. In this, my program maximum - a cup in the morning. If there are no coffee - I live in peace.

   Did you know that coffee is the best selling product on the planet? Multibillion-dollar business that exceeds even alcohol and tobacco. More than 400 billion cups sail in the year. Did you know that coffee the most chemical product on the planet? 113 kg of chemical fertilizers
sprayed on 4-meter square coffee! Well, it's actually logical - all that is absorbed by the largest percentage of the population and bring great profit, as a rule, most harmful (wheat, meat, junk food), for trying to balance the constant high demand, quality, shelf life and his own conscience manufacturer distorted as they can. Thats all fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, unnatural additives etc are coming from. For selling all to us as much as possible.

   During pregnancy, when I wanted a cup of coffee, I was naive to contribute to a great future by drinking decaf. When I found the process of removing caffeine from coffee, I realized that it is better to drink regular or not to drink at all. It is a complex chemical science. I personally do not consider it necessary or useful coffee drink, but also extremely harmful to be honest too. It's like with alcohol: in spite of the quality, when, how much. At the moment, my favorite organic brand Singing Dog Vanilla.

   I use to study that organic coffee can be without chemicals fertilizers, but still has not protection against micro-tocsins. I do not know a real picture but if drinking- organic is better choice. 

   Once upon a time, seeking out organic coffee, i found Organic Longevity Coffee online at website of David Wolf. They promised that their coffee very clean and useful, but at the time they don't offer delivery to my place of residence, and I calmed down.

   Well, fans note: if you are tired adrenal glands, coffee first thing that should be removed from the diet. Almost no one doctor will tell that, but symptoms such as constant an unidentified fatigue, sleep problems, irritability, craving for sweets and caffeine, low blood pressure, a weak immune system and a lot of issue that kind says the syndrome of tired adrenal glands. 90% of people do not know what they are connected the above symptoms, and therefore fill an even more coffee in the morning and throughout the day to raise the consistently low level of energy and to overcome drowsiness, but it exacerbates the situation. Of course, only one refusal to coffee, perhaps will not solved a question,- all depends on your lifestyle. But if it is so filled with stress and in addition, there are health problems and coffee is better to forget.

   There are a great alternative. Matcha green tea. This eco-friendly, natural frayed leaves into powder. Good invigorates and energizes better than coffee, but the energy of a completely different quality. It improves metabolism and complexion. According to the number of Matcha exceeds the usual antioxidants green tea is 137 times! And ten times cranberries, blueberries, goji berries and cocoa. In general, all very necessary - it is necessary for rejuvenation. In Japan, Matcha is also used for baking various desserts, sweets, ice cream, and recently even began to add in cosmetics. In connection with the ban on the export of national products finding a good quality Matcha outside of Japan is not easy, and the price for it is several times higher than the usual green tea.

   Matcha tea making - is a whole ceremony with special bamboo brooms, shovels and wooden cups for mixing. If the beat well, foam is formed, as in coffee. Sometimes I do it with almond milk and get Matcha- latte. My Matcha is the real, from Japan, the bright green color. I like to roll the truffles in it or add it to the filling for chocolates. It is well-balanced sweet taste. Also I do with it ice cream and pancakes. Will write all the recipes somehow.

   And today I have the traditional morning serving of vanilla coffee with homemade chocolate and new cup from the service Limoje antique 20s. It is important. I love beautiful dishes. Especially the older ones.

   What about your relation with coffee?