I know this topic has probably tired everyone. Today, perhaps only the lazy (or very healthy), at least from afar are not asked what kind of fruit is a gluten and what it should be eaten with and all nutritionist and wellness coach are trying to convince their followers to never touch those poison.

   Someone very trust the theory about the poison and run to be tested for celiac disease and try to eliminate all gluten from their diet forever, others are puzzled. Why all of a sudden? New fashion? Diet? But how is without bread ?! A brown bread is useful! Our ancestors ate bread to whole life and nothing wrong!

   Yes, ate... And nothing wrong... But their gluten was very different from ours. Firstly, omnipotent genetic engineering changed drastically the number of chromosomes in the grain - they became twice and nutrient dozens less. Modern wheat contains gluten ten times more than its predecessor. And secondly, our ancestors milled wheat on stone millstones, prepared leaven (yeast what no one knew), and the process of preparation and baking of bread took a few days. Flour was rough, gray and the dough is so malleable and degradability, as we used (because there are were almost no gluten ), respectively, and the bread obtained useful and nutritious. Nowadays, the grain is dried at a very high temperature and subjected to irradiation, thereby killing it sprout. Grain is dead, and it is not possible to sprout.

   And the range of our ancestors in general was poor: bread, loaves, cakes for Easter, Christmas cakes and possibly some cakes on holidays and weekends. In their diet was not donuts, cookies, muffins, croissants, tubes, vafels, macaroon, spaghetti, cakes with various fillings ... The list of what we consume every day is endless. And the food is slowly but surely killing us. Fearfully? Let us examine a little.

   Gluten - a protein that is found in wheat, rye and barley. According to recent official figures, eight out of ten people have a gluten intolerance or increased sensitivity to it. Under intolerance I do not mean instantly manifested allergy and hidden symptoms that develop over several hours or even days after eating: headaches, lack of energy, fatigue, irritability, skin rashes, bloating. Due to the too frequent consumption gluten products in our body reserves are depleted enzyme capable of cleaving the protein gluten, the intestinal wall become weak and permeable, and it ceases to cope with their work. As a result, the body starts a constant inflammatory process which results in the vast majority of health problems and overweight, even such as anemia, osteoporosis, infertility, eczema, asthma and oncology. Someone say: we are what we eat. No, we are what we absorb. And you can have any number of iron-containing products in the hope to raise the level of this element in your body, but your damaged intestine gluten it simply does not assimilate.

   So, do not eat gluten at all? Many nutritionists are unanimous on this issue - to eliminate all gluten products! And it's not just bread, but all kinds of pasta, spaghetti, cookies, most sweets and chocolates (in which gluten is added for thickening), most sauces (for the same reason), and even soy, beer, spruce, vodka, and, for the most part almost all commercial cosmetics.

   I'm not so categorical ... By my own experiments made sure gluten to gluten strife: white loaf, for example, and whole barley porridge - two different things. If you have no serious diseases in which to stay for a while on a gluten-free diet in principle, display the formula Literacy and informed consumption. Bake the bread for yourself on sourdough and whole organic flour, buy pasta from spelled, kamut and durum wheat and eat it occasionally. The most insidious gluten in white flour and industrial products from it. Try to eliminate them from your diet.

   And for those who interested in depth advise you to read "Wheat kilograms" by William Davis and "Food and the Brain" by David Perlmutter.