If you don't like chocolate - tell me which planet you are from? For me, people who are indifferent to sweets, and in particular for chocolate, has always been aliens. Frankly, I quietly envied them. And I imagine that i also bought, for example, a box of candy and eat it for a month by piece with morning coffee. Or someone come to visit me and I have in the bins to choose from: candy, chocolate, cookies, marshmallows ... And everything was stored on the shelves and waited my guests. With these views, I bought a box every night, drinking coffee in the morning ... Well, you get the idea. In the evening, I bought a box again. Because, as he said Vinipuh: "If there is honey, - there are no honey".

   In general, the time has come and, having overcome my passion for sweets, cakes, croissants, cookies, marshmallows, cake - chocolate refused to surrender. The composition and quality of commercial chocolate, even a good one, does not satisfied me any more. Exeption is only black with cane sugar in, but is not easy to find.

   Armed with useful recipes raw chocolate vegans and raw foodists i decided to do one by myself. But i only thought that it was raw. In fact, the temperature to which the heated cocoa butter, no one knows, because a special emphasis on this was not put. In all recipes the main thing was that is not boiled. And then all mixed, poured into molds in the freezer. As a result, a disgusting taste and texture. Well, maybe someone like, but it is not chocolate at all in the classical sense. And no nuts and goji berries are improving the situation. Stored in the refrigerator only and then it melts quickly in the hands. If you took out the cold hard bar it is not possible to even bite, but all fingers are already in the chocolate.

   With hope that it happen only in my case and there is justice in the raw chocolate world, i use to test all chocolate at all vegan and raw shop and cafe i know and even order-made. And nothing ... nothing new. The same cold and fusing in the hands.

   But the idea of the perfect product I did not leave. I even found an American online store with all sorts of options (from black to white chili with vanilla) raw vegan chocolate with mail forwarding. So, raw chocolate is can be stored without refrigeration! Order did not work, because they are not forwarded beyond America.

   As a result of my many experiments, trials, errors, wasted time and money the answer was found. Everything was as usual, very simple. The chocolate should be tempered. For those who do not know that for this process - this is when the chocolate is heated to a certain temperature accurately, and then is cooled to clear another continuous stirring. You've probably seen a beautiful advertising, in which chocolatiers bred waves chocolate special spatula on a marble board? This process is called tempering.  

   In general, there are never too much of chocolate, and my happiness now has no limit! Cook it even nicer than eating. It is very thin and almost meditative process. This chocolate is very useful, entirely of raw organic foods stored without refrigeration (if permissible temperature for chocolate), shines, has a distinctive crunch when breaking and when to get the hand, is not very different from the commercial.