Each of us at some point in our lives faced with taking vitamins, and some maybe even during all of their life takes. Around these little multicolored pills all the time there is debate experts of different fields and research scientists. Most familiar are confident that vitamin supplements help to prevent a variety of diseases, improve the appearance, health and even prolong life. Opposing studies convinced that vitamins, especially synthetic, absorbed only by 3-7%, creating an extra burden on the liver and generally clog the body toxins and provoke the disease. During all this vitamin world it is very easy to get confused and often even for the doctors.

   Hundreds of different vitamin brands rotate in nearly 30-billionth-dollar industry. And not always, unfortunately, attention is paid to quality. Pharma-world - a huge market, the financial interests which exceed the interest in improving the quality and extend the life of man. By the production of vitamins is also true.

   Vitamin as medicines must be chosen carefully and consciously making sure that their reception is really necessary. Often, in pursuit of the hair growth acceleration, improvement or rejuvenation, or banal, to increase the level of energy we ourselves decide and assign it seems to us, a suitable product. I remember the craze fashion for anti-aging and improving the quality of skin Imedeen vitamins, costing $ 80 just with vitamin C and an extract of shark cartilage in the composition. I also took them. Long time. It was a good joke ... Women are generally easy to lure the shark cartilage, oil from blooming once every ten years rose or wild snail armor. The perversity of exotic composition is directly proportional increases confidence in the desired outcome inevitable.

   Ideally, what vitamins are necessary for you is to determine the physician or practitioner for nutrition. There are some signs that indicate that you may need vitamin support:

 - chronic fatigue
 - Chronic blurred
 - Severe hair loss
 - Busy life stress
 - Problems with digestion
 - Vegan diet with a low energy level

   Carefully choose the company's products, if you decide to take vitamins and make sure that after some time of their reception really have effect, and you do not took them for nothing. And keep in mind that taking dietary supplements and vitamin products does not replace a full and varied diet and that is the right diet to look for a solution to all the nuances of the health, well-being and appearance.