Unfortunately sometimes we get sick. Especially when cold weather is coming. Someone uses this trouble for the benefit of themselves and gives the body enough to be lazy, relax even possible to dream and to build new plans, read or watch movies for which was always lacked time. There also those who can not jus to lie in bed and do nothing. They try every possible way to be back in the line, otherwise it seems like life is passing. And someone just because of the circumstances, can not afford sickness. And the last is probably the most.

   How to prevent colds and sickness - a topic for another post, but for the fact that your illness has passed faster and easier there are some effective tips:

 - Do not try to stay awake and pretend that all is well. Accept the fact that you are sick, and let conscience without suffering yourself to relax. You do not come up with it, and ignoring the body's signals can result in complications. Find a way to entrust important things to nearest people or colleagues, and believe me, the earth does not descend from orbit.

 - Did not low down the temperature. Many people at the 37.3 already buy all the necessary that need and do not need, just in case. Although 38,5-38,8 common thing for colds and body itself to cope with the heat. Helping him antipyretic you to weaken the protective function of the body, creating an additional burden on putting out bodies. And please, do not assign antibiotics by yourself !

 - Exclude from the diet products that heavy to digest. These include alcohol, coffee, red meats, dairy, sweets (especially those with a lot of cream, fat and sugar), pastries made with white flour, all kinds of canned food. Why? Because the digestive process is very hard work for the body in fact and, instead of spending all their forces to restore it uses them to digest food. In this way, all the animals instinctively refuse food when sick. Prefer during the illness and for some time after the light vegetable soups, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, fruits, smoothies, whole grain porridge, steamed fish, herb teas.

 - Take natural anti- inflammatory: vitamin D, turmeric, oregano oil, ginger root, lemon, cranberry, cloves. Well to start the morning with a probiotic capsule or juice fermenting vegetables (sauerkraut, for example) to populate the intestinal beneficial bacteria. All our immunity is formed in the intestines. Did you know that?

 - Drink plenty of fluids room temperature. Better water with lemon.

   And most importantly - relax, do not rush anywhere, not to heal itself in the hope of quickly again plunge into the circulation, which might have led to the disease. After all, the constant rush - it's stress, and stress is very well undermine the immune system. Be lazy sometimes. Love yourself. Allow yourself a disease for a king!