This issue is of concern to everyone, without exception. It starts long before the holidays: beautifully decorated shop windows inviting, themed souvenirs and all sorts of delicious cakes with glaze ... Then corporative parties, actually New Year, Christmas (someone have two), Old New Year (this is also two) guests, companies, unending feasts ... Even the most fanatical Weight Watchers and persistent advocates healthy lifestyle are not vouch for themself, because when if not not in the New Year's holidays tempted duck with cranberry sauce cooked by friend or carry in mother's Olivier salad from childhood and Christmas cake.

   There is good news: it is possible and duck and Olivier, if you approach the issue head-on. Here are some basic rules and tips festive feast:  

   1. The first and biggest mistake that many women make: " On holidays i will allow myself everything and then immediately on a diet at detoks for cleaning, - in general, before spring losing weight!". It's very easy to fall into the trap of self-deception. How many times have you tried to lose weight before the spring? It turned out? How much? How long? Not to mention that the life style "gain weight- lose weight" negatively affects not only the shape but also on the health of a whole and forms a strong bad habit to get rid of the consequences of which will be more difficult with each passing year. In the beginning of a new year is the time to find yourself a new habit, namely to eat consciously. If you want to try a piece of holiday cake - try. I you would like a second slice? Really want? Closely monitor their desires and avoid overeating for the company, so as not to offend the mother or based on "after the holidays on kefir".

   2. Try not to mix with each other a lot of dishes. Yes, it's not just the holidays. Still, try to eat a duck without carbohydrate or starchy side dish, do not mix different types of animal protein (it is particularly heavy for digestion), refuse dessert after a heavy meal.

   3. Start the feast of light to heavy. If on the holiday table there are a salad with greens and vegetables (I know, that in this time of the year its not easy), it is better to start is always with them. Let it be even sauerkraut or vegetable soup.

   4. Alcohol is also a concern. To begin better from easy to heavier, but it is rather an exception to the rule, since alcohol is desirable do not mix. Drink preferably dry champagne and dry wine and no alcohol combine with sweet, or a headache and feeling unwell in the morning you are provided.

   5. Preparing a holiday home table manifest imagination and think of a traditional menu in a more creative and healthier options. You may want to make the mayonnaise yourself or sugar substitute in baking by using stevia. On the internet you can find many delicious and healthy dishes and desserts recipes.

   6. Drink plenty of pure water between meals. Water helps remove toxins, toxins and stagnation in the body, and they are at the time of abundant feasting accumulate much faster and without enough liquid body difficult to deal with them, especially if there is more alcohol.

   7. If you still feel overeaten and severity - drink tea of ginger, lemon and clove. This drink will support the digestive fire. The next day, do not rush for breakfast early in the morning. Morning - the time when leading out the processes still actively continuing, in this getting out of bed is better to drink slowly half a liter of water with lemon and breakfast close to a light lunch, it is desirable to plant food. And let this day your body a break from the heavy and greasy.

   8. What are the options of recipes and combinations you would not have tried, try to eat as little as possible products from white refined flour. It is the first enemy of the energy loss, poor health and extra kilos.

   Sticking to these rules is not so difficult, if you set a goal and keep track of your eating behavior inner vision. Of course, the New Year's holidays are not the time for experiments and global changes in eating habits ... but why not? Perhaps the beginning of the year it is your start to a new and more healthy and beautiful version of yourself? There is still a whole winter, and so it would be desirable to hold the energy and enthusiasm, without the extra kilos, headaches, heartburn and lack of energy. Let this be your plan number one! Because, without it all the rest you do will also be difficult.

   With advancing holidays!