The end of winter and beginning of spring is considered the most deficient in vitamin plan period. Many complain of fatigue, lack of energy, problems with appearance, an increased craving for coffee and unhealthy products linked with the absence of vegetables, fruits, and the inability to diversify the diet. It's all true in part, but the reason is not only the lack in the diet vegetables, but lack of sunlight and fresh air ( in the summer we still are on it longer and more often), short day length, greater consumption by the body all summer stocks. But the situation is not hopeless. Nature thought of everything for us and there are many products aimed at strengthening immunity and maintaining health and energy levels in "vitaminless" period. That's the best, in my opinion, running and available:

   1. Cabbage
   Regular cabbage if not the only vegetable, which with proper storage, contains all the original vitamins and minerals before the end of winter. It is rich in fiber, which in our diet is so lacking in the winter, and vitamin C. It, by the way, sauerkraut is even more than in raw, so you can and should eat every day. And fermented vegetables is the best natural probiotics for our gut, and this means a strong immune system, accelerated the assimilation of nutrition and beautiful skin as a bonus.

   2. Lemon
   Everyone knows that lemons are useful primarily for vitamin C content, and in a stable form. Even when heated to 100 degree the content of vitamin C almost no decrease in that is always recommended tea with lemon for colds. Water with lemon juice is well invigorates in the mornings and during the day, and citrine in combination with vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the alkalization of the body and makes the elastic walls of blood vessels, thereby helping with circles under the eyes.

   This swamp resident remains fresh almost all year round and little inferior to other berries on the content of useful substances. It contains a whole range of organic acids, vitamins C, B2 , PP, carotene, essential oil, sugar, pectin. The fruits of cranberry have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, which is very important in the period of low immunity and viral infections. Cranberry juice perfectly quenches thirst in fever, and helps with angina. Cranberry promotes rapid removal of toxins and heavy metals from the body. Its berries in any quantity is recommended to use for Allergy sufferers.
   Well, besides all the above, tea with cranberries, cloves and cinnamon sticks this is very testy.

   4. Ginger
   Ginger is my favorite remedy "of all." It has healing properties thanks to the presence of acute phenolic compounds and essential oils that can reduce inflammation and nausea. The range of effects on the human body and effectiveness of ginger are even a lot of medicinal plants. It is very well tones and invigorates when tired, helps reduce discomfort after eating. Well, if you feel feverish and you can feel that's coming cold - brew strong tea with ginger and lemon-the result will surprise you very much if you have not tried before.

   5. Bee pollen
   Pollen-- the Queen of all Superfoods. There are more than 200 different nutrients: proteins, amino acids, lipids, fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins (A,B1,B2,B3,B6,B12,E,C,PP,D,H), and about 40 minerals ( potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, silicon, selenium...). A particularly important component of bee pollen are proteins-20 to 40% ( vegetarians note). Not bad, right? I hope all of the above is enough to stop buying synthetic vitamin supplements of dubious quality and go to the pollen

   6. Spirulina
   Although this seaweed is one of the most ancient Superfoods, is widely used in our time only a couple of decades. Spirulina is an excellent source of vegetable protein, contains essential amino acids, rich in iron and vitamin B12, lack of which is often experienced by people whose diet has no animal products. In addition, spirulina is quite high in calories, which makes it even more attractive for athletes and for people with high physical or mental stress, since a few grams of powder are a good snack and a saturation of the body with chlorophyll and energy to the cells. Powerful antioxidant, good displays the body of toxins and heavy metals.

   7. Turmeric
   This solar seasoning gives not only flavor dishes, but also unique color. Turmeric is a powerful tonic, purifies the blood, removes toxins from the liver, strengthens the immune system. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of turmeric compared with the antibiotic.

   8. Chocolate
   Unfortunately, the modern chocolate products have very little in common with real chocolate from cocoa beans, without any additives. Until the end of the 19th century chocolate was consumed in liquid form, and to afford it could only royals because of the high cost of cocoa beans. Real chocolate also in our time is not cheap, but modern industry has found a way to make it accessible so 90% chocolate bars on the supermarket shelves of chocolate at all difficult to call.
   The right chocolate is two ingredients: cocoa butter and cocoa powder, preferably raw organic. Allowed a small amount of unrefined sugar, but it should not be more than 25% of the total weight. Good dark chocolate has almost no sugar, and the benefits of such tiles is huge.            Many people have heard that chocolate cures depression and it's actually true. A piece of useful Goodies promotes the production of endorphins and serotonin – "happy hormones", which actually boost your mood, ease depression. Cocoa contained in chocolate, is very rich in magnesium, a mineral which occurs in 80% of the population. And potassium, calcium, iron, sodium.
   But the opinion about the dangers of chocolate for your teeth and gums nothing more than a myth. Supposedly sweet destroys tooth enamel. Actually proper chocolate contains natural antiseptic that improves the condition of the mucous membrane, disinfects the gums, reduces the slew rate of Tartar, prevents tooth decay. And of course such chocolate no one gets fat!

   9. Honey
   Natural antibiotic, severe immunostimulator - med have long been in demand as a versatile, very tasty multivitamin means. In the honey contains substances that are vital for normal functioning of the human body. So, natural bee product contains carbohydrates (70-80%) that are 10% provide us with energy. In addition, honey is a great alternative to sugar for tea, coffee ( with honey it's even better), in a smoothie    

   10. Vitamin D3
   During winter to prevent vitamin deficiency or a cold coming, stocking up on many different kinds of immunomodulators and synthetic vitamins and hardly anyone pays attention to vitamin D, the amount of which is greatly reduced in the sunless days, and its impact on immunity and health in General is strongly underestimated. Vitamin D is a steroid hormone whose deficiency has a negative impact on hormone balance. Two thirds of the population have low vitamin D levels regardless of country of residence, and it slowly but surely leads to poor absorption of calcium, reduced immunity and inflammation in the body, because vitamin D regulates genes supporting the immune system.
   To obtain sufficient amounts of vitamin D can only be properly using the sun, because from products it absorbed a little. In winter, take a Supplement.

   Here is such a list of is quite simple, available and at the same time indispensable in a vitamin-deficient time of year products.Take all of its components every day to good effect: health, energy and immunity.
   And again, the consuming of large quantities of refined products, sweets, muffins, sugar, products made with white flour, coffee and alcohol destroys all the benefit of taking any mega-super foods and vitamins!