Water is the source of all life on the planet. The human body consists of water by 85-60%, depending on the age. Water is the most important supplier of nutrients and oxygen to cells and the most important helper in the removal of toxins. Everyone,sort of like, know that we need to drink 2-2.5 liters of water a day, but not all of this rule is followed, and there are even a people who do not drink water at all - they are replaced by tea, coffee, juices from Packages, milk, energy and fizzy drinks. If the fact that morning should start with a glass of water and drink a glass between meals or 15 minutes before, the information is well known, then the following facts may open your eyes to the topic of water from a different angle:

 - Our brain is 85-95% composed of water, which is why, with insufficient intake of fluid, memory and concentration of attention deteriorate

 - The body of 97% of people is in a state of chronic dehydration

 - In 8 cases out of 10, the desire for something to eat is, in fact, the body's signal about the need for water, especially if you have eaten relatively recently.

 - Frequent or persistent swelling is a sign of chronic dehydration

 - Frequent headaches and blurred condition - the same sign

 - Due to the constant shortage of minerals in the body (especially responsible for the restoration of the water balance of sodium and potassium), water does not reach the cells in the right amount, regardless of the volume drunk

 - Early aging, dull skin, wrinkles, excess weight, hormonal disorders - consequences of chronic lack of fluid in the body. An excuse to think about before signing up for beauty injections!

 - In very frequent cases, the inability of the body to part with several kilograms is a consequence of chronic dehydration

 - And the last but not list, - water from plastic bottles is very harmful. Especially if such water was under the sun or bottles were reused. Bisphenol-A - a dangerous sesthetic substance, penetrating from the plastic into the water that we drink, violates the hormonal balance, with all the ensuing consequences.

   How much water to drink? The answer is very individual and depends on body weight, age and lifestyle. A sportsman - a marathon runner definitely needs more water than, say, an office worker of the same age and with the same body weight, and fast food lovers need more than rawfoodest or people whose diet is dominated by green salads, vegetables and fruits. The standard calculation is 40 ml per kilogram of weight plus a glass for every cup of coffee drunk, strong black tea or a glass of alcohol, as all of the above very quickly rinses the water out of the body.

   And take note: an obsession to drink water is not a desire, but a cry from the body for help, a signal of dehydration. Teach yourself to drink water without waiting for thirst.