Outside the window the beginning of summer, which means the beginning of holidays, vacations, sea, beach and relax. We are looking forward to this time of year and we love it for its carefree attitude (personally, I have nostalgic memories of childhood and summer holidays), for the slight laziness and the opportunity to show off a beautiful tan and well-rested appearance.

   However, the sun in our time is often associated with skin cancer, ageing, pigmentation etc. Doctors and beauticians in one voice
call to use sunscreen in three layers. Even in the winter. Even in the evening. Even at night, because the moon also emits ultraviolet light. But even 50-60 years ago, people spent all day long under the sun, working in the fields and gardens, and about skin cancer they didn't know. And the sunscreen had never been used...

   Information about the dangers of solar radiation for a few not true is served. The sun can not be harmful. It is the basis of all life on earth. Why is it that being part of organisms, life is not possible without sunlight, we are trying to hide from it, accusing burns, pigmentation, ageing and cancer?

   I think that the reason - a banal lack of knowledge of the biorhythms of nature, of the processes occurring in our body and illiterate use of solar baths.

   Sunscreens create a false illusion of the ability to stay under the sun longer than usual, in addition, contain in its composition of toxic chemical compounds that under the influence of ultraviolet light penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, reducing its natural protective functions and the ability to get vitamin D. Burns, associated with a weak protective functions of the skin barrier and the body as a whole. Its weakening leads to low immunity, chronic intestinal dysbiosis ( which you may not even know) and a deficiency of vitamin D.

   Vitamin D is most only associated with rickets and we did not know that this substance is necessary for all systems of the body, and its deficiency is experiencing virtually everyone on the planet, especially in the Northern latitudes.

   Vitamin D is not like normal vitamins. It is a steroid hormone which is synthesized, metabolized, and acts on the body like sex hormones. Lack of vitamin D adversely affects the hormonal background of women.

   Due to the low level of vitamin D is poorly absorbed calcium, so very often in fractures and osteoporosis that is prescribed vitamin D.

   Vitamin D regulates genes supporting the immune system, hence all the failures in the immune system ( frequent colds, allergic reactions, problems with the protective functions of the skin) caused by a severe lack of this vitamin.

   To get enough vitamin D from the proper use of sun baths, because in food it is not enough and to absorb it of them very little.

   Of course, all must know the extent and relationship with the sun is also a concern. Enter into this relationship gradually, beginning in early spring when only appear the first rays. Start with 5 minutes a day gradually increasing the number of minutes up to 20-30. Without sunscreens. This way you will gradually prepare the skin for the summer and teach her to develop a natural protective pigment. Best of all, the sun penetrates through the shoulders, arms and chest.

   Well, I hope it is no news that in the height of summer the safest hours for stay under the sun is up to 11 and after 16-I. In between, try to avoid direct sunlight and watch the waves of the sea in the shade under a big umbrella and a wide-brimmed straw hats. The owners of dark skin can be used as a sunscreen unrefined coconut oil. It is, though not high, but the level of protection still has. And for those whose skin is very light and sensitive, I advise you to use the most natural sunscreen cosmetics with the physical (mineral) filters absorbed into the skin, the most important of which are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

   Merry summer and a beautiful tan! Replenish your reserves of vitamin D for a strong immune system and winter achievements without disease and spleen!