With the onset of the cold season, you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, make a big tea kettle and all the things that are attached to it: biscuits, cake, pies, rolls, sweets. It is proved that in the autumn-winter period, people consumes sweets much more, but many of us do it regardless of the season. Because most of us can not even guess about our dependence on sugar.
   Sugar can be safely attributed to the category of the most consumed food products. It is used in the preparation of dishes, add to tea and coffee, make syrups and confectionery. Sugar in one form or another we use almost every meal. But not everyone knows about its negative impact on our body.

   10 reasons to give up sugar 

   Studies have confirmed that excessive consumption of sugar significantly increases the risk of vascular problems. Sweet-toots get worse skin condition, it quickly grows old and loses its elasticity, metabolism and metabolism breaks down, which leads to damage to cells and mechanisms of the immune system.

   1. Sugar provokes the body on fat deposits. When it enters the circulatory system, it accumulates in the liver as a substance called glycogen. If its reserves exceed the norm, then the mechanism for increasing fat reserves starts. To a greater extent, this applies to the deposits in the abdomen and hips, then they are almost impossible to eliminate, even exhausting yourself with diets or training in the gym. The more you consume sugar, the higher the risk of obesity!

   2. Sweets have a negative impact on the heart. First of all, they can cause irreparable damage to the heart muscle. This happens in the case of a thiamine deficiency. Without it, the dystrophy of the heart muscle begins and the intravascular accumulation of fluid develops. The risk of cardiac arrest increases.

   3. Because of sugar, there is an artificial famine. A group of scientists from Boston University managed to find in the brain cells responsible for appetite. When you consume a large amount of sugar, you release free radicals that have a negative effect on neuronal connections. This directly leads to a disruption in the work described above cells and to a sense of deceptive hunger. As a result, regular overeating and subsequent obesity.

   4. From the sweet energy balance is depleted. There is an opinion that when sugar is consumed it is converted into energy. In fact, in excess of glucose the body can not complete the metabolism of carbohydrates, which negatively affects the digestion of food. At the person thus symptoms of chronic weariness are shown, and as a whole day activity decreases.

   5. Sugar is a powerful stimulant. If there is too much of it in your blood, then you will get a rush of activity. But there will also be negative consequences - palpitation will become more frequent, blood pressure will rise, and the autonomic nervous system will be forced to work in a strengthened mode.

   6. Sugar accelerates aging. If you eat a lot of sweet, then do not be surprised that wrinkles on the face will appear much earlier than planned by natural factors. The fact is that the derivatives of sugar are not completely removed from the body and accumulate in the collagen. But it is he who is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Sugar literally attracts free radicals that kill our body from within. Women, concerned about the condition of the skin and the extension of her youth, it is worth taking note.

   7. Sweets are addictive. According to research, sugar causes people to have a dependence comparable to nicotine or drugs. During its use in the human brain, the same processes occur as after the adoption of cocaine or morphine.

   8. Washing out of calcium. Sugar affects the ratio in the circulatory system of calcium and phosphorus. In this case, the amount of the first rapidly decreases during 2 days after consuming the sweet. This can lead to problems with tooth enamel and fragility of bones.

   9. Sugar interferes with the absorption of B vitamins. This leads to vitamin deficiency, which causes increased nervous excitability (stress, attacks of unjust aggression, etc.), severe disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, vision problems, muscle and allergic skin diseases.

   10. Attention! Sugar reduces immunity 17 times! The more it will be in your blood, the more affected the immune system. Well, about that, from the sweet can develop diabetes with a lot of complications, probably everyone knows.

   Better, of course, to refuse white refined sugar at all, but if it is still difficult for you to do this, reduce at least the quantity of its consumption and try to switch to healthier alternatives: natural honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, stevia. Just do not fool yourself with sweeteners and food that contain it! It have an even more destructive effect on the body.