Ice cream with green tea

   In hot summer, ice cream is the most coveted dessert. The composition of the commercial version, of course, leaves much to be desired. But there is a simple, tasty and, above all, a useful alternative. It will please children, and vegan and raw food, those who do not use sugar, diabetics, and in general, everyone who loves ice cream.

   Brownie without gluten 

   I like light and fast cooking (although I have long dreamed of baking classic Napoleon or Medovik) and brownie just from a series of quick desserts. It does not contain gluten, lactose, but it has eggs in it, so it's not suitable for vegans. But with products from the dough, you have to choose: either eggs or gluten. Something has to stick together otherwise it's very difficult to give the test a shape-holding texture.

   Spelt flour ravioli with vegetables

   I like spelt flour very much and replace it with all the classic recipes in which there is ordinary flour. This is not always easy, because the recipes are different and the outcome of whole-grain spelt flour can also be different from the original. The dough is not as soft as in the case of white wheat flour of the highest grade. But, ravioli have turned out, in this I hasten to share a healthier version of them, if without this dish your life does not make sense. Ravioli i make a lot. They can be frozen and, if necessary, always have a hot meal at hand for 10 minutes.

   Salad with arugula and goat's cheese 

   This salad is quite nutritious due to goat cheese and pine nuts in the composition, so it can completely replace an main meal (for example dinner).
   Rukkola cleans the liver well, and if you eat a serving in the evening, you will also get the detox effect. Try to buy in the season not from the supermarket, but fragrant home in the open market. An important moment with goat cheese: let it be of the best quality that you can find, ideally from raw unpasteurized milk. For any dairy product this is


   Smoothie is great for the beginning of the day. It is light and does not load the digestive system, which is not yet fully awake, very quickly prepared with blender and any ingredients available in your kitchen. Especially important for those who are in a hurry in the morning. You can add more water, pour into a bottle and take with you sipping during the day instead of snacking.
   We need:
 - 1 ripe avocado

   Pumpkin-cranberry fresh 

   With the onset of the winter months, green juices, unfortunately, are not available in our latitudes, but the nature of all thought, and there are many other alternatives. In the autumn-winter season, pumpkin and cranberries, in doing this pumpkin-cranberry fresh.
   Pumpkin contains vitamins A, D, E, PP, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and the presence of vitamin K gives it a special value, because there is