Salad with arugula and goat's cheese 

   This salad is quite nutritious due to goat cheese and pine nuts in the composition, so it can completely replace an main meal (for example dinner).
   Rukkola cleans the liver well, and if you eat a serving in the evening, you will also get the detox effect. Try to buy in the season not from the supermarket, but fragrant home in the open market. An important moment with goat cheese: let it be of the best quality that you can find, ideally from raw unpasteurized milk. For any dairy product this is
important. Well, in the composition of balsamic sauce (as well as any other sauce) there should be no flour, gluten, sugar and various preservatives and thickeners.
   For 2 servings we need:
 - a bunch (100 grams) of fresh arugula
 - 1 large ripe tomato or two medium
 - 50 grams of organic goat cheese from unpeached milk
 - 30 grams of pine nuts
 - 1 tbsp of olive oil
 - Balsamic cream sauce
 - Pepper
   Good Washed and dried arugula spread on a plate, on top slices tomatoes, thin slices on a slicer, cut cheese, sprinkle with pine nuts, poured with olive oil and balsamic cream. You can pepper a little.
   All genious is simple.
   Bon Appetit!

   Vegetable salad with crispy chickpeas

   Nut on its nutritional basis can replace meat, this is why its use in fasting or people who do not consume meat in general is welcomed. In addition, peas are environmentally friendly, such as absolutely does not accumulate toxins.
   Prepare crispy peas is very simple and it will appeal even to children, since it has a slightly sweet taste and crunches cheerfully. Salad such chunks of chickpeas give a
special taste and, at the same time, make it more nutritious.
   For two servings we will need:
 - a bunch of lettuce leaves
 - 1 large cucumber or 2 small cucumbers
 - 1 sweet red pepper
 - 1 tomato
 - 1 avocado
 - 4 radishes
 - 100 g of chick pea
 - Hemp seeds (optional)
 - Salt, a little olive oil
   Chick Pre-soak overnight. In the morning, rinse well, put on a baking tray and bake at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. Peas should become crispy. If it does not crackle, you can lower the temperature in the oven to 160 and hold for another 5-10 minutes. In the same way of chickpeas, you can make crispy spicy snacks by rolling it before baking in olive oil, salt and paprika, for example, or in anything you like.
   Vegetables and lettuce cut, add salt and mix everything. Olive oil, I add a drop, so the salad contains an avocado, which in itself is quite fat. Top with hemp seeds and chickpeas. Hemp seeds are not necessary, but they contain a large amount of protein, very nutritious and healthy, which is why I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity to buy them. I buy on iherb.


   I do not know whether this salad ... In my understanding, this is a masterpiece of lazy summer culinary thoughts. Or "blinded from the fact that it was" ... Nevertheless, it is very good for digestion and skin. The greens is our all! When is season it is necessary to eat as often as possible, or at least once a day, a large portion. And cucumbers contribute to the removal of liquid, salts and any stagnation in the body. It is best to buy organic, and eat with the skin.
   Generally a very simple salad, as you can see. Organic lettuce and arugula (more), cucumber, pine nuts (with them well, sooooo tasty), olive oil and balsamic sauce.