The duration of any program start from one month.

   Come back beauty program include:

  - Personal or online meeting once a week;

 - The joint goal setting;

 - Plan for a week;

 - A join trip to supermarkets and shops with breakdown of the product composition and labeling;

 - Healthy and tasty recipes are compiled specifically for your situation and your preferences;

 - Advice and recipes for skin, hair, and body care;

 - Advice of soft drugs and herbs for treatment;

 - Support between session and answers to the questions on the phone or online.

   This program is for anyone who have no serious health or weight issue but suffer from following:

 - Grey and un glowing skin complexion;

 - Dryness or oiliness of the skin;

 - The skin loses elasticity ahed of time;

 - Rashes, acne;

 - Hair loss, hair dryness, dandruff;

 - Cellulite.

   This program for anyone is committed to change and willing to work on that because only my efforts will not be enough.

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